Things To Keep In Mind When Starting a Business

Business is rather a step-by-step activity than a sudden one. If you start a business without bearing the necessary protocols in mind, your business may end up being stillborn. To prevent this from happening, this article is conceived and birthed to educate you on few steps to take when you want to start a business.

Avoid Going Into Debt

The danger in going for loans is that they do not come to you without strings attached. Debt is a thing that bottlenecks the debtor. It can kill your business. However, some businesses need huge capitals to start. This may appear as an exception, but why not just try to start small.

Find Mentors

There are different means of finding and holding onto mentors. You can attend programs and public functions to meet one, by this you can find. You can take the one you hook out for lunch, flatter them about things they would not even think they had done well or which the public critique them against. By this, he is most likely to exchange his contact, at least his email address to you and through this, you could gain some mentorship.

Do Not Work Weekends

The numbers of the hours you work may not necessarily be what you need. You only need to be smart in the works you do. May be I should tell you about one John Pestana, a co-founder of Omniture. He sold it to Adobe at the rate of $1.8b and he never worked weekends.

Be Organised

Utilise Evernote, Wunderlist. There are millions of other tools of this kind you may like to use. You should adopt the attribute of getting organized. You can even support Google calendar with a pen and a jotter.

Read Great Books

Read books you find great. Note that it is not necessarily business books. You can also get business ideas even from reading fictions from different regions across the world. If you think you are too busy to read, you can simply go for the option of reading audio books. You can play the books as many times as you want till you memorize the content. If you do not have money to purchase hard copies, you can go to a nearby library borrow a book and read.


Make sure you escape all distractions, relax then think. You can choose a place for yourself for constant meditation. Doing this, creative ideas for your business could also be birthed.

Spend Time to Weigh Decisions

The person you select to be your business partner matters a lot. Also, the structure of your partner matters a lot in relation to the kind of business you are running. Do not agree quickly to people who advise you to hurry into making decisions, weigh their advice and be careful with them. Note that they may be mere loafers (not in all occasions). Use your discerning instinct to know who to believe, who not to, when you are advised to make some decisions.

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