Skills Every Lock Smith Should Possess

Lock smiting has been described by some as a dying trade but having locksmiths around is very important. First, who is going to cut keys and pick locks? We also need someone to make locks and keep property secure. The purpose of a lock is to keep something secure or even prevent access. We know of a great locksmith Sydney company who has helped us out many times when we were in Australia. So if you are a lock smith or want to become one in the future there are several things you should know. Also, the trade pays well if you are very good and knowledgeable in your field. It also helps to join several communities especially if the trade was not passed down to you from a relative.

Key Making and Key Cutting

Whenever you seek out a lock smith, it is usually for this purpose. If you didn’t need a key made or a key copied, you’d probably have no idea what a lock smith did or that they existed. Professional lock smiths do good copies of keys.

The copies are good because they are an exact duplicate of the original and the lock does not offer any resistance when you use the key. Some lock smiths copy keys and you still get some resistance. Most people would come to you for this service so it is important that you get it right so that they would return and recommend others.

Lock Picking

Another reason to call a lock smith would be if you have a lock that you cannot get open. You could probably just break the lock but the way some locks are positioned would make them impossible to break. A good lock smith should know the physics behind pins and clips involved in locks. He may even have a Universal bunch of keys to try on the lock. Some lock smiths may be contacted as well if for instance someone is locked out of their car. It is probably a good practice to ask persons for Identification before doing these tasks as you could probably find yourself aiding a criminal.

Commercial versus Residential

Locks used on commercial and residential properties are different. In fact, a company’s needs are different from the needs of a homeowner. If you can specialize in the both then great, if not choose your niche. The company may expect you to specialize in security services as well. They may want a lock that can only be opened with a key or a self-locking lock. A commercial lock smith will specialize in industrialized locks and have the master keys. Decide if you want to specialize in one or the both. Requirements are completely different.


Sometimes, on very rare occasions, someone would bring an old lock or key and expect you to work on it. These persons may also have an old cabinet or door and expect it to be restored with the same antique or vintage lock to preserve its history. Lock smiths may be expected to have the skills to restore and open antique locks and even replicate them in some instances.